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Dragon Warrior (Nintendo NES)

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Greatness has a way of manifesting through generations. Erdrick was once a great hero. In times past, this great hero defended the land of Alefgard from demons with a globe of light. But after he died, the Dragonlord stole this globe of light and hid it in darkness. You are a descendant of that great hero Erdrick, and the king has asked you to defeat the Dragonlord by recovering the globe of light. Only then will peace be restored to the land.

Enix’s Dragon Warrior, along with Square’s Final Fantasy and Sega’s Phantasy Star, was one of the originators of the Japanese-style console RPG. You are the descendant of the hero Erdrick, out to make a name for yourself by rescuing the princess and defeating the Dragonlord. Your character has several stats: strength, agility, attack power, defense power, maximum hit points, and maximum magic points. Earning experience points from defeated monsters increases the level of your character, which has the effect of increasing his statistics. You must also collect gold from defeated monsters to buy better items.

You must find clues to advance your quest by moving from town to town in the world map. Along the way, you may have to complete other side quests or explore dungeons to advance the storyline. You will encounter two types of maps. The world map is open and consists of different types of terrain with towns and cities scattered around. Town and dungeon maps, on the other hand, are more maze like.

You interact with the world around you through the use of a menu system. To perform an action you must walk up to the object or place you want to perform the action on, then you must call up the action menu by pressing the A button. You can talk to people, search locations, use stairs, take objects, cast spells, use items, open doors or view your character’s status.



Publisher Nintendo of America, Inc.
Game Dragon Warrior
MPN 045496630379
UPC 045496630379
Key Features
Platform Nintendo NES
Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1989


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