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Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition (Xbox 360)

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Volition’s over-the-top action-adventure series takes a sharp turn by adding aliens, super powers, and presidential politics to its mix of gang-banging, car theft, and general criminal mischief. Set five years after the events of Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV once again puts players in charge of the leader of the Third Street Saints Gang, who has now been elected president of the United States. Unfortunately, the planet is then invaded by the Zin race and their supreme overlord Zinyak, who abducts the cabinet and places them into a virtual version of the city Steelport.

The simulated version of Steelport is designed to break the will of the captive cabinet, which includes several members of rival gangs and even actor Keith David as vice president, but the virtual nature of the city also allows players to operate outside the bounds of physics. As gamers explore the city and collect hidden object “clusters” they can begin unlocking and upgrading a variety of super powers, such as telekinesis, super speed, concussive blasts, and force fields. Players can also make use of outlandish new weapons like a mechanized robot suit, the Black Hole Launcher, and the Dubstep Gun, which makes enemies dance while they are being shot.

Causing chaos in the virtual version of Steelport attracts attention, just as it did in the real version of the city in Saints Row: The Third. But instead of fending off gangs and police, players do battle with a variety of different aliens, robots, and spaceships. And instead of wresting control of the city away from rival factions, gamers perform missions to take control of portions of the simulation. The franchise’s signature customization returns, giving players hundreds of different ways to individualize their characters, weapons, and vehicles, and multiplayer fans can once again join a friend for drop-in, drop-out co-op adventures.

This Commander in Chief Edition includes the full game as well as the red, white, and blue ‘Merica gun, the Screaming Eagle plane, and the Uncle Sam suit in-game items.


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Publisher Deep Silver
Game Saints Row IV: Commander in Chief Edition
MPN 816819011003
UPC 816819010709, 816819011003
Key Features
Platform Xbox 360
Tech Details
Release Year 2013
Game Special Features
  • Battle an invading alien menace throughout the streets, skies, and spaceships of a virtual Steelport
  • Unlock and upgrade a variety of superpowers, including super jumping, telekinesis, and mega stomps
  • Wield wacky new weapons like the Black Hole Launcher, the Inflat-O-Ray, and the Dubstep Gun
  • Create custom characters, vehicles, and weapons, and join a friend for co-op action
  • Includes the ‘Merica gun, the Screaming Eagle plane, and the Uncle Sam suit in-game items


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