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Star Wars The Clone Wars / Tetris Worlds Combo (Xbox)

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The immeasurably popular falling-block puzzle game has found success on essentially every gaming platform it’s graced since the late ’80s, and the Xbox gets its own version of  Tetris with this release from THQ. In addition to the program’s classic version of the game, “Square Tetris” give players bonuses for building and clearing four-by-four squares, and “Hot-Line Tetris” awards extra points for clearing certain horizontal lines, which are noted by a bar of color. The “Cascade Tetris” variant allows squares from placed shapes to separate and fall individually when lines are cleared, while “Sticky Tetris” causes such leftover individual blocks to meld together by color and disappear when the aggregate grows large enough. Finally, “Fusion Tetris” adds single-square pieces called “Atom Blocks,” which must be connected to the single-square “Fusion Block” that is buried in the “garbage” pieces and spaces on the board at the beginning of the stage.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a vehicular combat game taking place after the conclusion of Star Wars: Episode II. As Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Mace Windu, players will help the Clone Army repel the advances of Count Dooku’s Separatist movement. Seven craft are available in 16 missions spanning six different planets. Mission objectives range from attacking key installations to escorting convoys until they safely reach their destination. Missions are completed from within the selected vehicle as it skims across the planet’s surface. Along the way are defensive and offensive power-ups to pick up as well as bonus items needed to complete the three optional secondary objectives for each mission.

The Xbox version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars supports up to eight players on Xbox Live with support for voice communication. Four multiplayer modes include Duel, Control Zone, Conquest, and Jedi Academy. Duel is a free-for-all, while Control Zone is a fight to capture and defend a section of territory from rival players. Conquest is a team-based strategy game where players fight to claim territory and buildings by entering specific zones. This mode has been Xbox enhanced, offering more weapons, teleportals, and boost power-ups than its GameCube counterpart. Academy offers players two scenarios with the same objective: work together to destroy wave after wave of computer-controlled enemies. One of the scenarios is played on foot as players use the Jedi Force Push technique and their lightsabers to defeat enemies.

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Publisher Microsoft
Game Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Tetris Worlds Online Edition Combo
UPC 805529593774
Key Features
Platform Xbox
Tech Details
Number of Players 1-2
Release Year 2003
Support Elements Memory Card
Game Series 10


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