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Wrath of the Black Manta (Nintendo NES)

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Beware criminals! Black Manta is on the prowl! Armed with an endless supply of darts and a short sword, Black Manta is a mysterious crime fighting ninja who strikes fear into anyone who preys on the innocent, especially kidnappers and members of DRAT (Drug Runners and Terrorists).

As Black Manta your job is to battle your way through five levels of gun-toting thugs, robot guards, evil ninjas, and other villainous cretins. During your mission you will rescue kidnapped children. You can interrogate both the victims and the thugs to try and gain useful information such as the location of hidden areas and the weaknesses of bosses.

In addition to the two types of standard weapons, Black Manta has the ability to perform ten different Ninpo Arts, which are highly specialized fighting techniques such as the Art of Invisibility, the Art of the Fire Bomb, the Art of Missiles, the Art of Teleportation, and the Art of the Spider, which allows Black Manta to travel underground.

Wrath of the Black Manta, which is based on Ninja Cop Saizo for the Japanese Famicom, takes place in New York City, Tokyo, Rio De Janiero, and DRAT Headquarters.



Publisher Taito America Corp.
Game Wrath of the Black Manta
MPN 020588010178
UPC 020588010178
Key Features
Platform Nintendo NES
Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 1990


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